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Pockets are a primer on how to keep important objects organized for yourself. Pockets are a private container where you can put objects you want to keep together for whatever reason.

Example use:

Preparing important objects for meetings. You can put objects you want to have available in a pocket so you don't have to search for them when the need for them becomes apparent.

Working on requests. You can put requests (or any other objects) that you are currently working with, but that are from different projects, for example, in a private pocket. This way, you have them together for your work and putting them in your pocket does not affect other people's work.

What you can do with your pockets

You can create pockets for your own use, name them as it evaluates and put objects in them.

When a pocket stops making sense, you can easily delete it. Deleting a pocket has no effect on the objects that were in it.

Don't forget

  • No one can see your pockets. This has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, no one else can find an object by the fact that it is in your pocket.
  • A pocket doesn't protect an object. The fact that an object is in your pocket does not prevent someone else from changing or removing it (if they have the rights to do so). If it is important to you that no one deletes the object, you need to lock the object (not all pockets support this).
  • Pockets are not meant to replace the proper organization of objects. Pockets create an order that is useful to you, but you need to put objects where they belong – especially in the right area. Pockets are a tool for storing current information, not a long-term archive. This is also why the pocketbook is limited in size – you can create up to 30 pockets but no more.