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The person responsible for the task

Who is responsible for the task and how to select it

By default, tasks have a team that solves them. In addition to a team, each task has a person who is responsible for the task. Usually, it remains the same from the task to the task's completion.

Which person is assigned to the task by the system

A task without a methodology

If you create a task without a link to the quality management system or project methodology, the system always assigns you. However, when you create a task, you can assign anyone from the team that is in charge of the project or area.

A task according to a methodology

When you create tasks according to a methodology from a sample task, each task should specify who should perform it – the person responsible – see more. sample task. If a suitable person is not found, the person who sets it up will be in charge of the task.

Who can be assigned as a responsible person

The system monitors compliance with the quality management system, so it does not allow you to assign a task to anyone. It always offers you a limited circle of people. What are the rules governing who you can assign the task to?

  1. If the task is not based on a methodology, the manager can be anyone working in the area or project to which the task belongs
  2. If the model task specifies which project role is involved in its implementation, the task can be given to people who are in charge of one of the project roles.
  3. If the methodology does not specify the role, but the qualification of the worker, the task can be given to the worker who has the qualification. No distinction is made as to the qualification level.
  4. If the task has no competence or project role, but has an organisational role of the worker, the task can be given to anyone who has the role and belongs to a team in the area.