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Client is a base definition of a corporate user

Client for system is a single organisation that has single or more users. Each client has independent working space and system does not allow data or user access sharing between clients.

Corporate user is simplified term used during the registration. However, "corporate" means any organisation

Clients are visible and manageable only for super–administrators. General administration accounts are limited to the rights for single client and cannot see anything about more clients.

Super administration can define and manage clients of the system. It is strongly recommended created only single super-administration client used only to manage the clients and not used for anything else.

Fields for client

Only some fields are described in the section. Most of the fields have filed-linked hint in the client dialog and there is nothing more to say about them.

Kind of client

Kind of a client affects how the client is managed by system. Particularly, client that is public is expected to include users that don’t know each other because they are publicly registered.

Server IP

IP server is used in the multi-server installation where are several servers that manages the accounts but only single used to sign in. If defined the user session management if handover to the defined server.


The client internal currency defines what currency client uses for internal accounting. Default fields for amounts are always in this currency.

Each client has its own currency.

Maximum file size

For each client using the system, there is a limit on how large files can be uploaded to the system. If this limit is not set, the system limit is used (this is set by the system settings in the operating environment). If this limit is set, it applies.


The system is not prepared to function properly for storing very large files (backups, larger videos). The limit should not exceed 50MB. For larger files, there is a risk that they will not be downloaded/uploaded within the specified time and the system will reject them with an error.

Company logo

Logo is used in the page footer and some reports.

Contact – who shall be contacted about the client accounting or troubleshooting.


Page with modules allow add or hide modules that are available to the user.

It is strongly recommended change the module in the of-time when users of the client is not actively working.

Options and Text parameters

List of options and text parameters allows settings particular for modules. Each module defines its own set of attributes and they are beyond the system management control.

Authentication methods

Client has defined allowed authentication methods:

  • Name and password – Not intended for safety-critical application and does not comply ISO 27000 or TISAX standard.
  • Single sign on – Access verified by external authentication method
  • 2 factor authentication – Access verified not only by password but also but other control – email, trusted device or fingerprint / login on the verified mobile phone