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Project Team

The project team keeps track of who is involved in the project and what role they play. People can be members of the project team for the whole duration of the project or just for a selected time.

Project team and roles

Everyone on the project team has a specific project role (e.g. project leader). It is not possible to add a person to a project team without them filling one of the predefined roles. Therefore, project roles must be defined before a project team can be nominated.

One person in multiple roles

It is, of course, possible for one person to fill multiple roles (e.g., project manager and project finance manager). In this case, multiple roles will appear in the overview.

Multiple people in one role

Multiple people can occupy one role, so it is not necessary to create multiple roles just because multiple people are needed (e.g. development officer is a role that can be occupied by multiple people).

Working with a team

To create a project team you need:

  1. create the roles that the project should contain (Dialogue roles and skills, or even within the team)
  2. Nominate people for each role – the function will first nominate roles, then people. One role must be selected, but it is possible to nominate multiple people for it.
  3. If the person is no longer on the team, it is correct to terminate their membership so that it is clear when they were on the project.