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Contacts and directories module (CRM)
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Asset management module

Technical Modules

Sabre plugin module
Enterprise Architect connector

System Modules

The AyMINE framework module
System services

Personal calendar

A personal calendar is used to keep track of what fills your working day.

Remember: Your personal calendar is personal, but not completely private. Your supervisor has the calendar and it is an important tool for him/her to plan work. If you have more than one immediate supervisor, they all have the opportunity to see the calendar.

What is displayed in the calendar

In the Calendar you can see:

  • Events to which you are invited and have not declined.
  • Advice to which you are invited; also only if you have not declined
  • Tasks that you are currently assigned – note that tasks are always displayed to the person who is currently in charge of them. If you have worked on a task and passed it on, it is no longer displayed.

Calendars in use

You can browse the calendar and create new actions – select an area on the calendar and you can enter a new action

Calendar scope

To make the calendar as fast as possible, it only shows dates about half a year back. (We will certainly adjust it in time) Older dates are of course in the system, but they are not (yet) loaded into the calendar.