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Variant decision-making

Decision options are used to select the best possible solution or for voting.

A decision that is not a direct decision by one person (typically an ordinance) should have at least 1 option to vote on or multiple options to choose from.

Option description

The basic description is the title, which is often sufficient. Especially if it is clear to everyone what is being decided and voted on.
The decision proposal is used to give a complete description of what is being decided (e.g. a new version of the treaty). It is an important part of the description, especially for decisions that are not preceded by discussion, but also for documentation.
The Reason explains:

  • Why the option was included in the ballot (e.g. most advantageous price)
  • Reasons for voting for the option
  • Reasons not to vote for the option

In particular, the reasons are important for the formal decision-making process that precedes the analysis. They are the result of the analysis of the options and the basis for the vote.

Voters (if voting is part of the decision-making process) should find in the reasons for the decision all the evidence needed for decision-making and voting. By placing them in the description of the option(s), they also become part of the documentation of the decision.