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Objects of decision making

Decisions always concern certain objects or persons. In order to be able to trace back the decision, it is necessary that these objects involved in the decision are included in the decision.

Note: Object is a general term that refers to persons, requirements, information, documents. (Some may not be supported by your version of the application.)

Decisions always involve at least one object, but you can make decisions about multiple objects at once. Therefore, you can include multiple objects in a decision.


Use the add button to add new objects to the decision. After pressing it, you select which objects you want to include (e.g. workers). Then a list will appear for which you can select the objects.

By repeatedly adding, you can also add objects of different types

Remove object

You can use the button to remove objects again. The object no longer belongs to the decision, but the information that it has been included and then removed from the decision remains.

When and by whom objects can be classified

Only managers and signers can include objects in the decision, no one else.

Objects in a decision can only be changed until the voting starts or the decision is closed. After that, changes are no longer possible.