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Personnel records allow you to record necessary and useful information about employees, associates, executives and other people who have a contract with the organization.

Who is the staffer record for?

Employee records are maintained by the HR department, but are accessible to each employee for their own use.

For an staffer, it is possible to

  • Keep a record of the employment relationships they have and have historically had
  • Record holidays and leaves of absence
  • Keep track of education, qualifications and training
  • Keep track of evaluations from a supervisor
  • Keep all documents electronically
  • Keep track of benefits drawn

An employee who is a user of the system has the ability to

  • See an overview of his/her leave (use and entitlement to leave)
  • Send a request for leave
  • View their documentation folder (in accordance with GDPR law)
  • Make comments if the documentation is not correct
  • Make requests for benefits

HR Officer

  • Has the ability to register selected employees
  • Add new employees and set up accounts for them in the system
  • Block users
  • Interfere with the employee's document folder

The HR employee can only see information about the employees he/she is responsible for. Multiple HR staff can be responsible for one employee (important to ensure substitutability).

Head of HR

The supervisor has the same options as the HR staff member, except that the supervisor has the ability to determine which HR staff member is allowed to work on which staff members' files.
The manager has the right to generate a report with a summary of employees for input into the payroll system.

Frequently asked questions

Does an employee have to be a user of the system?

The employee must be registered as a user, but does not have to have access to the system (can be a blocked user without access rights.)

If the employee is also a user, the system allows full support of features that simplify administration as well as give employees useful reports.