Why some data can't be deleted

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Why some data can't be deleted

The system protects important records from being deleted. Therefore, don’t be surprised, when you cannot delete some objects like tasks. It’s neither mistake nor user right’s condition.

The reasons why the system protects some data is based on the logic how it is used by your organisation.

Collection of audit documents

The system collects evidence of activities that have taken place. These activities are mainly due to some standard like ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE or something similar. Records can be protected from being deleted if they are part of a record that can be audited.

Electronic filing service

The system keeps records in accordance with the file and rules of procedure. Compliance with the rules of procedure requires that for each item that has been discussed, information about its discussion remains. Therefore, this information cannot be deleted.

Protection of time sheet records

Time sheets are included among the documents. Their protection is also important in order to be able to check back what activities the worker has done.

If the time sheets are proof for payment (whether for contract time-based charged workers), it is of course necessary that their time sheets records cannot be deleted from the system.

Note: Time sheets are protected even when someone deletes project or area. Look to the time sheet chapter for details.

What to do if I want to delete such a record anyway

All records affected by the restriction, namely tasks, requirements or problems have a the record status Cancelled to which it is possible to transfer them.

Will such records be in the database for ever?

Yes and no. It depends on the set archiving time. Typically, documents and all records are archived for 5 years, but automotive projects, for example, are archived for about 20 years. In addition, the time is counted from the closure. In the case of a business area, the closure is the closing date of a particular case or the calendar year, in the case of a project, the time is counted from the end of the project.

What records does the protection against deletion apply to?

The protection applies to activities and job statements, but also to discussions and communication – sent messages for some time.