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Actions are any events that take place, except for deliberations that have support in a special object.

An event can be an informal meeting, a company-wide party for your company, or even an event that your company does as a commission for a customer.

Event Process

You create an event to make it possible:

  • Prepare an invitation
  • Invite attendees.
  • Create a team of people to participate in the event.
  • Manage the preparation and execution of the event

The event has its own workspace where it can manage the requirements, tasks and decisions related to the event and thus prepare the whole event like a small project.

Who sees the event

Actions – like other objects in an area – are generally visible to people who can look at the area or project data (they can open the workbench). If you want others from your company to see the event, add them as invited participants. They will then see it on their workbench between events.
The public event flag is to indicate events that are for the public or conducted in public. It does not mean that the event invitation has been posted somewhere.

Event status

By default, an event is created in the active state, so it is immediately visible to anyone you include as an invitee. If you want to prepare the event, e.g. prepare a description and invitation, prepare a list of attendees and discuss it with someone before you publish the event, set the event status to in preparation. While the event is in this state, it will not appear on anyone's desk. The event will also stop appearing after it has finished.

In progress

Currently it is not possible to include or invite people from the mailing list (external entities) to the event. This feature is under development.

Inviting external people

An event can also be, for example, a conference or a marketing presentation to which you invite participants. AyMINE allows you to select participants and include them among the invitees. AyMINE is not, and has no plans to become in the foreseeable future, a tool that can be used to send out invitations en masse; specialized tools that allow the preparation and distribution of a letter are more suitable for this.
AyMINE will allow to generate a list of email addresses of invited participants for use in another application, e.g. the popular mailchimp.