How the system works and how it protects data

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How the system works and how it protects data

AyMINE is a 100% cloud-based database system that stores all information on a server. For each piece of information, it controls who has access to it and what activities they are allowed to do with it based on the rights they set. For work, this means:

  • To work, you must have an internet connection with the ability to access the system.
  • Whatever you save is saved immediately to the server. So you can be sure that:
    • Even if someone steals your device, the data from AyMINE is not on it.
    • If your device breaks, you can't lose anything
  • The vast majority of operations take place on the server and the system therefore requires you to always save; without saving the data, you cannot work with it.

Everyone on the system can only access the information and operations they are allowed to do. So don't be surprised if, for example, a colleague sees data or can perform operations that you cannot and vice versa. You have different rights and that's fine. For example, he can see his notes and you can see yours.