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Customer Care Centre

Customer Care Center support automates the processing of customer requests.

The care center, or support center, etc. is named Customer Helpdesk in the system.

Incoming problem reports from customers

Requests from customers can come in through a variety of routes:

  • Emails to the support address.
  • Via a web form.
  • By other reports entered by the employee (e.g., in the store, by mailed return) – the receiving employee enters the request in person

Problem handling

Reports received electronically are in the system among the messages received from outside. The messages are displayed on the customer help desk. They can be seen by the staff in charge of customer care.

Linking customer reports to customer information

If a customer sends an email from a saved address, or fills in the form with their email that is saved in the address book, the report is automatically linked. It is then possible to open all communications, orders and other customer records immediately.

The web form can contain a field for the order number – the report is then automatically linked to the order.

When the customer t is not registered in the database (e.g. did not agree to store the data in the e-shop, purchased in a brick-and-mortar store, etc.), it is possible to create a new record directly from the message by adding the addressee.

The quickest way to enter is to find the order by number, and create a new issue directly from the order. This will create a customer ticket linked to both the customer and the order.

Communication with the customer

It is possible to reply to the customer:

  • By email directly from the system
  • By telephone directly via a connected VoIP PBX
  • By SMS message

All communication is archived with the complaint or the customer. It is possible to save information about what was agreed with the customer directly after the call. It is also possible to store information that the call could not be connected or an agreement could not be reached.

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