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Tendering and purchasing

Tendering, ordering and purchasing process. Processes designed for commercial organsiations of any size

Activities supported within the purchasing process

  • Demand definition based on the product catalogue
  • Reaching out to multiple suppliers and collecting bids
  • Evaluation process (uses the decision and voting process from the task management module)
  • Documentation of order approval (part of the evaluation process)
  • Purchase order with the ability to split the order to multiple suppliers based on bid evaluation
  • Order issue management (generating a task with an approval request)

The ordering process uses a methodology that defines both order and approval related tasks. The methodology can be defined in multiple languages. (The purchase documentation itself is maintained in one language).

Purchase Order

An order can be generated from the completed tender.
The order can be generated for the whole upcoming delivery or only for a part. If, based on the tender, it is assessed that it is appropriate to order parts from more than one supplier, it is possible to split the request into several parts and order each part separately.

It is possible to duplicate the order and create a new order based on it. The duplicated order may be subsequently edited.

The order can be generated directly from the system (PDF).


The following is supported as part of the delivery:

  • Documentation of delivery based on the order
  • Splitting one order into multiple deliveries to multiple locations
  • Documentation of delivery shortages
  • Managing delivery issues (uses the Problem Resolution process from the Task Management module)

A delivery note can be generated from the system including a summary of what was delivered, when and where.

Supplier evaluation

The system supports supplier evaluation in accordance with the quality standards. It is also possible to generate a delivery rating based on the delivery, which is part of the supplier rating.

Even if an evaluation is not done, it is possible to see for each supplier what enquiries and orders have been placed against them and what they have delivered Even without an evaluation being produced, it is thus possible to quickly check the quality of the supplier's work.

Possibility of custom modifications

The process can be customised according to the customer's needs.

Sample tasks for each step of the process are included in the methodology. They are therefore always defined for the conditions of the specific system user.

Custom formats of generated documents – inquiry, order and acceptance – can be prepared.

More detailed information

For more detailed information on how is the tender and procurement process implemented, see in the technical documentation.