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Record template

A record template allows you to define a template for a log or other work record.
IQMS documentation structure, template and pattern layer

Patterns of protocols are part of the IQMS and and they are documented by the methodology
A record generally means any outputs that need to be used to document the progress of an activity and its outcome. However, a sample record can generally be used for any pattern where you need to prepare a template for the documents being created in the methodology.

Typical examples of a record are:

  • Test record
  • Check record

What sample records are not suitable for

Automatically generated records

AyMINE automatically creates activity records. For the creation of automatic records, templates are not used, they are generated by the system with standard functionality. They save a lot of time and it is therefore advisable to use them wherever possible.

If automatic records are sufficient to record an activity, a template is useless, it would also be confusing for workers.

Objects supported by the system

In quality systems, there are often records e.g. for reporting a bug or a problem. AyMINE supports these and a number of other common agendas and has directly prepared objects for recording. It is advisable to use them, because in addition to the possibility of a more accurate description, they also support the process of processing them. In addition, the processed template would be, as in the previous case, confusing for workers.

Pattern as a record or a separate document?

Records often require the completion of a precisely prescribed form. For this, it is best to create a template in the format of an editable PDF with prepared fields. The sample PDF can be stored in the attachments of the sample record.

Similarly, if there are pre-prepared patterns e.g. a spreadsheet editor (Libre Calc etc.) it is possible to upload them into the pattern.

If, for example, a chcek klist – a check sheet needs to be filled in, it is preferable to use the AyMINE document directly, workers will not have to open separate documents and there is no risk that they will forget to insert the completed form into the system.
In general, if there is a sufficient record directly in AyMINE, it is preferable to a separate document. However, AyMINE supports both variants – as the AyMINE document directly and the attached template.