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Right to Manage Qualifications

Rights are required for a user to be able to assign qualifications to other users. The system supports three reasons for the right to assign privileges.

Methodology Manager

Methodology Manager is the person who is listed as its manager/responsible in the methodology settings.

The methodology manager can grant privileges to anyone. It may seem that the methodology manager – typically a quality manager or another quality manager – should not have this privilege. In practice, however, it is essential that when a methodology is created, the privileges for newly defined roles can be set quickly, which is not always possible via the managers of all workers or via the HR department.

While there is a risk that a qualification is set by a worker who does not have the authority to judge it, there is still no risk that qualifications are set uncontrollably. First of all, the system always records where the qualification has been granted to a worker, so it is possible to check everything in case of doubt.

The methodologist is usually also the author of the role definitions, and is therefore best acquainted with which role the qualification has been created for. At the time the methodology is developed, the worker is typically best acquainted with who actually has which qualification.

Manager to everyone he or she is a manager

Manager is a worker who is designated as a department manager within the settings in the administration of groups, teams and roles.

The manager is generally the one who should know the most about the abilities of the people in his or her team. He or she has knowledge of his or her people and should also have a good knowledge of the methodologies according to which the people he or she has in the department are to work. If he or she does not have this knowledge, the relevant methodology is obviously not in his or her qualification and he or she does not have access to it at all. Then he or she does not have the ability to assign the qualifications defined in it to his or her people.
If the manager sees the methodology, he or she is presumed to be familiar with it and is therefore competent to judge the abilities of his or her people with regard to the methodology.

HR worker to the workers he or she is in charge of

HR worker is the role defined by the HR module. It is therefore not available in all system settings.
HR workers are generally responsible for managing personnel documentation and should therefore be able to manage information about their qualifications.