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Methodology and Quality Management systems

A methodology is an essential tool for quality management in companies and projects. Methodologies allow you to automate your quality management system

A methodology is a comprehensive set of rules, concepts, and tools that together define how quality is ensured in a company for a specific area of activity. All components of the methodology are described here. See this page also for a more detailed description of the importance of the methodology for standardizing practices

Struktura dokumentace SMJ

A methodology is not a single document, but a whole set of objects, one of which is, for example, a directive

Examples of methodologies

Methodologies can implement a specific standard – then they will be part of the quality management system:

  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • Project methodology according to ISO 26262 / Automotive SPICE standards
  • IT management system in accordance with ITIL

A methodology can be created for the purposes of a single department or team by a senior manager:

  • Handling unusual accounting cases
  • Handling helpdesk requests – helpdesk methodology
  • Complaint handling procedures

Both of the above areas can be one and the same. E.g. Helpdesk may be standardized by the quality system and fall under it, or it may stand outside.

Who makes up the methodology

For each methodology area, someone is responsible (the responsible person). A methodology can be made up of multiple people, the group of Processors.

Don't forget :_ Each methodology should be handled by someone, typically a quality department worker or a department head. It should therefore have its "owner". In order to work with the methodology, the responsible "owner" must be among the active users.


  • Active users of the methodology: The owner, or the team that is responsible for the methodology and develops the procedures and steps.
  • Methodology readers: All workers who actively use the methodology in their work.

Commercial methodology

You can have the methodology purchased from an external company. In this case, you don't create the methodology, but only use it.

Even if you use the commercial methodology, you can't interfere with it. It is not possible to set up active users who could work with it, only the methodology readers. Changes to the commercial methodology can only be made by its supplier, who can provide you with updates. You cannot, or export the commercial methodology yourself.

For whom the methodology is binding / recommended

The circle of people for whom the methodology is recommended are those who consult the methodology.

Recommendation: Choose a group for the methodology user consisting of the roles for which the methodology is intended. Then you will not have to worry about adding people to the specific methodology. All you need to do is add a new user by the administrator and have access to the methodology automatically.

More information

Read more about methodologies and their importance for quality management here