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Enterprise Architect connector

Connector for two-way synchronization of analytical data between AyMINE and Enterprise Architect.

The connector supports working simultaneously with the same analytical documentation and model by the AyMINE and Enterprise Architect. The integration enables sharing and efficient cooperation on the model by the whole team including business persons. The requirements and documentation is instantly available, shared and traced to other documentation and project tasks.

Module supports traceability of requirements managed in the AyMINE, versioning and configuration management required by project-related standards (in particular ISO 26262 – functional safety, ISO 61509, CMMI, Automotive SPICE, ISO 21434) that are not anyhow supported by the Enterprise Architect.

Key goals of the connector

Dependency of other modules

Technical notes about the implementation

The connector requires access to the Enterprise Architect database. It shall be stored in and SQL repository that is available from the AyMINE application server. Connector is tested for SysML / Maria DB databases in both UNIX and Windows.

Copyright Notice and Terms of Use


ArchiMate® is the trademark of the Open Group™. This information or any other information does not claim that AyMINE fulfils the ArchiMate language standard. ArchiMate is listed here as a language supported by the Enterprise Architect system, to which AyMINE creates a connector and synchronizes selected elements from ArchiMate into AyMINE objects.


SysML® is the trademark of the SysML Partners association. The SysML partner has no relationship to this connector.

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect is both the product and trademark of Sparx Systems Pty Ltd. The connector for synchronizing the ArchiMate and SysML models with Enterprise Architect is not part of the product and Sparx Systems does not guarantee its quality or reliability.

The connector is the work of PDQM, using public information about the Enterprise Architect data structures. It does not use private or confidential information about the product and does not interfere with its operation and code. It is fully in compliance with the product licensing terms.


Analytical model and its management
Project Management Support