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Input requirements

The system input requirements overview shows an overview of the requirements that are input to the project, i.e. not derived. These are not necessarily just user requests. If the customer has specific requirements for e.g. the mechanical part of the system, the requirements can be entered directly as mechanical requirements. (Be careful if your methodology allows this.)

How to know the input requirements

Nowhere in the requirement do you fill in whether it is an input or derived requirement. A request is input unless it has a trace/trace binding from another request leading to it. So when you enter a request, it is automatically an input request. As part of the analysis, we recommend creating derived requests directly with the New Derived Request button. Use this button to directly create a derived request (i.e. with a link from the default request).

Want to learn more?

You can read a more complete description about requirements by opening the help in the requirements list. Click on the list and play the help in the window that opens.