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Colour schemes

Colour themes are one of the basic tools to customize your app to your taste

Full-day work design

Application design optimised for full-day work differs from web pages and even from application webs optimised to win best-design awards. Graphics trends change from year to year but regardless what is cool this year design is focused to capture eyesight and turn attention to the visual aspects of application.

Nevertheless, application designed for full-day use should not make anything of that. The design must not disturb the attention that should be focused on the subject of work. The application design has been tuned to make full-day work comfortable regardless that is might not follow trends of this year.

Each profile has a story behind it and a slightly different logic. All profiles are harmonized around a basic real-world experience that makes them natural and pleasure. However, all were also deeply tested for good usability even for people with eye or reading disorder.

Light coloured profiles

Light coffee

Coffee with a dip of milt is the most common drink next to the screen. We love to look in the cap of coffee and get a new energy from it.

As well as coffee, the system has hidden power that is not visible and gives power to your work when you get experience with it. We believe that just like a good cup of coffee placed on your desk to work, this colour style will create a pleasant atmosphere. It may not smell as nice, but otherwise it's fine.

Light coffee is the default profile that the app launches into unless you set a different one.

Profile goals

We didn’t choose this profile as the starting default accidentally. The main design goal of the profile is maximum clarity. It clearly differentiates the various functional and visual parts, especially the buttons, tabs, hint comments etc. It may look a little bit like old applications, however most of them were designed very precisely to build up efficient working environment. As well as the pre-web application we wanted to achieve that you can easily navigate the application and not to search for a button that look like a web banner.

The style makes also easy to distinguish between the different types of records by using illustrative images.


Profile supports

  • Insert your own background
  • Setting the desktop colour
  • Colour differentiation of areas and projects

Flower garden

The colour profile created by the art designer inspired by a bright spring day. It focuses on good mood. When you start it, you enter a colourful environment that subtly but unmistakably distinguishes itself from other profiles by emphasizing playfulness. Where other profiles keep a rather aloof attitude, this one is not afraid to step out and have its own way.


The main goal of the flower garden profiles is to give you an experience like coming into a room where you are at home and you love it. Even still, it is perfectly applicable for everyday full-day work.


Flower Garden is not the best profile if you want to insert your own background image. You're probably better here without it. An art that designed the profile creates ultimate decoration with everything on its own place.

  • Set the desktop colour
  • Colour differentiation of projects

Blue Sky

The light blue profile takes the clear sky as its basic and initial inspiration. It was inspired by endless vision of pilots. Of course it doesn't want to dazzle or burn, so it's a sunless sky. Still, it creates a truly illuminated coolness.

For lovers of the white design set by Apple, it will probably be the most suitable choice.

The profile takes shape inspiration from the Sun – the circular shape is the basis for the buttons. Nevertheless, the main buttons are without any description, so it may be better to start with one of the first profiles to begin with. However, they still have hints so you won’t stay helpless.

The Blue-sky design shares illustrations of each object with light-coffee design, making it easier to switch between styles.

Blue Sky Target

The main theme was to make the app as light as possible, evoking the freedom of an open sky with birds. On the other hand, we are interested in working efficiently, where endless distances would require long mouse trips and those hurt the hand. That's also why we keep design compact and focuses on the space efficiency more than pure design that web sites and pages do. We're sure the wrist of the hand with the mouse will appreciate it.

Profile options

  • Custom coloured background – this profile is probably the best for that
  • Custom desktop colour
  • Colour differentiation of projects and areas

Dark colour profiles

Dark colour profiles are must-to-have for many of us. They are also more effective for mobile screens and even for ultra-large displays.

The dark application layouts are designed to cooperated with colour settings that distinguish various projects and business areas in the system. Dark schemes automatically shift the light shades to dark, so that the entire environment remains relatively dark.

Black style

The black style was inspired by the dark development application environment. On the one hand, I use a black background as much as possible, on the other hand, it makes up for the clarity with more prominent colours of other elements to keep a good orientation in the space.

Profile goals

The main goal of the profile was to provide a design optimal for OLED mobile screens, while providing an environment consistent with other applications in a black environment, such as MS Teams in dark mode.

Profile options

The profile is not well suitable for a custom image on the desktop.

  • Colour differentiation of projects and areas – although supported, let’s remind that it is possible to disable its use. If you insist on a truly dark world, the disabling use the colours will block underpainting according to the project’s and area settings.
  • Illustrative images to differentiate workbenches are also supported.

Black tea

As with the light coffee, we were inspired by a typical drink that is often found on the work desk. It gives you warm and energy. Brewed black tea isn't really black, it's brown and the same with this profile. Black tea in a glass is transparent and has many shades, and in the same way this profile works with the fact that colours allows perceive the space and navigate in it easily.

Target Profile

The primary goal is to work comfortably in a dark room. The profile is built to never glare, yet it is not a truly black surface.

The profile supports:

  • Using a background image – we recommend trying it out first, the profile assumes the use of a dark image. But despite the time you can see, so even here the possible image is not hidden.
  • Colour differentiation of objects on bookmarks.

Custom system colours? No problem!

Want to have a custom application colour profile for your company? System colours are very easy to customize and the system is also ready for each client to have their own colour interface. So just get in touch and you can have the app in your company's colours.

Graphic representation of the application according to the company's colours

Our experienced graphic designer will match your application to match the language of your company or organization. Not only does she have a great eye for colour, but she also has experience in what environments work well and can combine both into a beautiful app that your employees will love.