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Required qualifications

An overview of the qualification that are required to complete a project or contract.

Roles can be audited if the project is implemented according to a standard or methodology.

Note: Appointing people with the necessary skills is a requirement of all current quality standards, starting with ISO 9001, but also ISO 26262 or ASPICE.

Who is responsible for the team

The project manager is always responsible for the team. No one else can change the team roles.

What information is maintained

The project manager determines what team needs. He determines the roles and for each of them the key qualification that a person must have in the role. (The system only monitors the main qualification, others can be described).
The manager supplements the project participants based on the availability of people.

You can read more about the rights for setting up roles here.

Additional information for the role

Depending on the methodology and rules of the organization, it may be obligatory to supplement the project role with additional information:

  • Additional necessary user qualifications
  • Job description
  • Stages of the project in which the role is involved

Caution: The project team is not automatically people with active access to the project. The manager can manage people with active access independently. Therefore, people who are not team members may have access and vice versa, team members may not have access (e.g. because they are external people).