Information and Document Management

Supporting people collaboration and business security

Information Management

AyMINE supports:

  • Collecting and storing information important to the business
  • Protecting against misuse and loss
  • Easy accessibility, making it available only to those with rights
  • Storage according to needs

Company-wide information sharing

Share with colleagues, but protect from misuse:

  • Directories and contacts needed for services, sales and projects
  • Project data, from requirements to production documentation for new products
  • Know-how of all kinds
  • Guidelines, standards, rules, internal decisions, procedures, …

Secure information management

  • The system supports precise setting of user rights
  • Everyone has access to information according to their rights
  • AyMINE meets the requirements of ISO 27000 and GDPR
  • Protects access to sensitive data
  • Prevents information from being taken out of the company

AyMINE takes care of information from its inception

  • Controls changing user permissions throughout the lifecycle
  • Distinguishes information, comments, discussions by type and severity
  • Tracks records; significantly reduces errors in work
  • Substituses internal emails and provides long-term access to discussions and comments

Fulfills informational and procedural obligations

Automate mandatory information management:

  • We will make documenting activities for audits as simple as possible
  • Mandatory records and information will be archived automatically
  • Motivate compliance with work procedures and regulations with archiving of evidence of compliance
Information is one of the most valuable things companies have. Its protection must therefore safeguard it not only from loss but also from being plotted, copied or sent

I want to solve information management

Information management is not primarily a question of the right system but of the whole logic of working with information.
AyMINE enables you to manage information effectively, you can get to know it easily.
We will help you set up ways to work with information.
  • Our experts can help you with information management.
  • By consultation, a well-designed system and long-term assistance.

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