Administration, sharing, communication

Across the company in accordance with access rights

Contacts and information clearly

Use email inboxes directly in CRM

Send SMS, email, make phone calls

Process information from web forms directly in AyMINE

Protect your valuable data from misuse by either your own team or outsiders

Use communication and collaboration information to grow your business

Contact and group management

Shared, well-organised data is the keystone for efficiency

Keeping track of who has texted who and who has called who will save you a lot of time, and customers will appreciate better service

From email to GDPR approvals, you'll find all the records you need for companies and people together

Manage notes, tasks, campaigns, history

Comply with GDPR – keep personal data protected

Integrate your CRM with your store and helpdesk

Linking processes will save you time and make you more moneye

Do you have VIP customers?

  • Put them in the VIP group and give them priority attention
  • Manage care and prioritise requests according to importance
  • See how you can manage pricing

Keep track of your true business potential

Track customer and group revenue directly in CRM

Planning a marketing event?

  • See who it makes sense to reach

Automate activities and you won't forget

Monitor live business cases

Plan who to address and when let them hear from you

Use ready-made templates, both your own and company-wide; prepare your email in advance so it goes out at the right time

Make phone calls and SMS directly from AyMINE

For the whole team but especially for the company

The departure or illness of a colleague must not disrupt your relationship with your customers.

Keep track of your communication history in AyMINE

You don't need to look for someone to find out if they have texted or called

Take advantage of the ability to set exactly who is allowed to do what with the data. Remember, more than 70% of data leaks are caused by the staff

Remember, more than 70% of data leaks are caused by your own employees

Distribute tasks within the team and keep a clear overview of who's working and how.

Did you know that linking business contacts stored on your mobile phone via WhatsApp is illegal?

With contacts in AyMINE, you can make calls from your mobile and comply with GDPR.

AyMINE CRM is a part of your company's system

You can use it on its own, but integrated is even better

Is there something that needs to be done?

  • Create tasks in the system and pass them on to those who should do them

Someone calling the helpdesk?

Wondering how much time was spent on customer care?

  • You can find exact information from the home office staff in the activity report

Do you want to actively use the data elsewhere?

  • Share them with MS Outlook, Thunderbird or your mobile phone

Is a salesperson preparing an offer?

According to your needs

Don't worry, you're not on your own, we can help you with all this

We have an open solution that is easy to customize. And also advice, experience and help. We enjoy figuring out how to make your business the best it can be

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