Effective meetings

Fast from preparation to enrolment

AyMINE helps you to make sure your meetings are always well prepared, with less work than before. Easily and conveniently:

Why meetings with AyMINE:

Distance voting

AyMINE simplifies decision-making and voting. You collect suggestions and manage voting on proposals.

AyMINE provides you with

Online and meeting room support

Do you also get frustrated when people you should know are in a meeting, but you can't remember who's speaking?

View the meeting agenda and attendees on your mobile or laptop. Plus, you can see who the participants are with their photos. So you can easily navigate who is who on the monitor and at the table.

All tasks – existing and newly created – are immediately visible and you can take notes on them. This way, everything important from the meeting remains recorded.

Get in touch and we'll be happy to demonstrate the system to you. You'll find that the system costs much less than the people's time saved!

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