CRM – Contact Management

This module is used to keep track of contacts for internal, project and business purposes. The module is designed to be fully GDPR compliant.

Contact records

The module supports the registration of people, companies and individual divisions of large organizations. A structured overview allows you to identify people with a relationship to companies.

The register supports all common records (contact details including social networks), notes, roles, types or categories.

The records are divided into directories and access rights are controlled separately for each directory. It is thus possible to give everyone access to only those contacts that they actually have to work with.

Task management

It is possible to create tasks for each contact and for contacts in bulk and to monitor their execution.

Tasks are used for both individual actions (e.g. contract negotiations) and for collective actions (e.g. product sales calls).

GDPR support

Contact management fulfills the requirements of GDPR (protection, relevance, recording consent, non-consent) and supports the processes required by the standard, especially the forgetting process.

Centralized registration and protection of directories ensures that only those who are actually allowed to access personal data according to the rules of the standards and the consents granted can access it in accordance with the GDPR.

The system supports the registration of consents, including the recording of their validity period. It also supports hiding contacts whose consent has expired.

Contact synchronization

Contacts are connected to the Sabre server, which allows them to be shared to other apps or devices. Selected contacts can be provided to e.g. employees on mobile devices only for the time when they really need them and then "downloaded" from the mobile phone. It is thus possible to combine the simplicity of use on a mobile device with GDPR.

Please note: For calling e.g. customers from a mobile phone, it is neither reasonable nor appropriate to synchronise contacts. Calls can be made directly from the AyMINE app on the mobile phone.

Information about the module can also be found in the module user documentation.

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