QMS – Quality Management and Methodology Management Module

The Quality Management System is a modern dynamic support fully integrated into all activities. It is based on the latest trends to effectively ensure the conditions for quality work for all employees. Its basis is therefore not documentation, but methodological tasks, templates and procedures that are used in daily practice.

The module is a general basis that supports not only ISO 9001, but also project standards such as PMBOK, Automotive SPICE, comprehensive safety management systems – ISO 26262 and others.

Definition of methodological / sample tasks

The basis of every quality system is the prescribed procedures for certain activities. Standard quality system documentation defines guidelines and work procedures as separate documents. The QMS in AyMINE makes particular use of dynamic description in the form of methodical (sample) tasks.

Methodological task

A methodical task is a workflow in a traditional QMS. The fundamental difference in AyMINE is that while a workflow is by default a document that most people do not have at hand, tasks are directly created from a method task.
The method task contains:


Specific tasks are created on the basis of methodological tasks. A task created on the basis of a methodological task:

Automatic record creation

All activities are automatically documented and there is no need to create processing records manually.

Where required, the module supports record creation, categorization and organization. Typical records are test run records with a test result report in an attached document.

QMS documentation

A QMS (ISMS), in order to pass an audit, cannot do without mandatory documentation. In AyMINE, the documentation is modular so that it is convenient to work with, especially to have the necessary information quickly at hand.

Process and information support

In addition to the methodological tasks, information support is required in the quality system management and in the activities in accordance with the standards implemented:

Support for working in multiple languages

The entire system is designed from the ground up to support working in multiple languages:

Support for standards

The module provides support for ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 270000, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, Formel Q, VDA 6.5, CMMI standards, the open system can be used to check the obligations of all standards.

Support for external partners

If you help organizations to implement a quality system, or if you as an organization have an external partner who takes care of your quality system, using AyMINE can make your job easier. In AyMINE, once a methodology has been created, it can be exported and reused as a finished solution for other customers.

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