Asset and service management

Complete asset management for directs and organizational tasks. Can also provide exports for tax purposes (depreciation).

Asset management is used to keep track of assets and property purchased, as well as produced and sold, and related processes, especially the management of purchases, offers and sales. It is therefore also the basis for the sales department.

Breakdown and categorisation

Asset management allows categorization by product and further into categories as required. Products and categories allow analytical breakdown for tracking.


Hierarchically organized products not only allow for a better breakdown of the assets themselves, but more importantly the suppliers and their terms of business.

Business records

Supplier records

Support supplier and customer records, pricing and supplier evaluation (qualification).

Supplier Evaluation

Efficient purchasing in medium and larger organizations requires a record of price lists, quality and supplier experience. AyMINE has tools in place for this, allowing suppliers to be evaluated and evaluations to be updated regularly. Supplier experience can thus be shared throughout the entire purchasing department.

The record also helps against corruption on the part of buyers, as it allows independent control of the decision from which supplier the product is sourced.

Supplier evaluations require quality methodologies led by ISO9001, but also others incl. e.g. ISO26262. The record in AyMINE is designed to meet the requirements of the standards.

Records of buyers of own products

For business purposes, it is possible to keep track of the buyers of each product you manufacture, your quotations, and their purchasing terms.

By managing access credentials, it's easy to ensure that only the people who are actually supposed to see the quotes get to see them.

Acquisition, purchasing and delivery management

The module supports complete purchasing and delivery management for both the buying organization and the seller.

For the buyer, support is provided for tendering, collection and evaluation of offers and subsequent ordering, control and stocking of supplies.
The user documentation is here.

Offers and deliver process support

Similarly, the vendor is supported in the preparation of the offer based on its own products, preparation of the delivery and its delivery.
User documentation for the selling process.

For corporations and cooperating organizations, automatic transfer of the order from the buying party's AyMINE environment to the buyer's AyMINE is available.

Project and production records

Analytical and technical documentation

For every product under development, there are development requirements, system analysis and detailed analysis. All these documentation components are logically linked by links and connected to the product. At any time – even long after the project is completed – it is possible to work not only with the original documentation, but also with all the links that are necessary for proper logic (and required standards such as ISO 26262, ISO 61509, Automotive SPICE and others).

Component base

For a product, it is also possible to document all of its components. The component base hierarchy shows which components are needed for each product manufactured. In the event of a supply failure of a part or material, it is easy to quickly see which products are affected and adjust future plans accordingly.

Service documentation

Services require different internal documentation than manufactured products. AyMINE is also fully prepared for service records. It supports documentation and system analysis in the usual logic:

More information about imports can be found at EA and AyMINE connector documentation.

Information about the module can also be found in the module user documentation.

Note on licenses and trademarks

ArchiMate™ is a trademark of the Open Group®. It is used here in connection with Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect product. For more information on their usage, see the
data transfer to ArchiMate module in Enterprise Architect.
AyMINE does not itself implement ArchiMate and this article does not join trademarket term ArchiMate with it.

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