Privacy Protection and Conditions

Basic Terms

The basic terms are described in Terms and Conditions; they are valid for rules and conditions including GDPR.

The data Controller

The Controller of personal data is PDQM, s.r.o., registered in the Czech Republic. The headquarter is located in the Czech Republic, Prague, Ve Střešovičkách 169/37, Prague 6,

Company registration number: 27870588.

The local competent authority for personal data protection is ÚOOÚ. All complaints regarding the processing of personal data in AyMINE and related web pages (, should be directed to this authority.

The application is governed by the applicable legislation on the territory of the European Union. The applicable legal order is the legal order of the Czech Republic.

Location of personal data

All personal data are located on servers on the territory of the European Union.

Personal data in the AyMINE application

The personal data are from the point of view of the Controller and Responsibility from the following categories:

  1. User accounts of users who actively work with the application
  2. Personal data processed in the application by the client
  3. Personal data entered directly by the user into the application.

Group 1 personal data controller

If you have created personal account (not linked with any client), the AyMINE application provider is the controller of your personal data in Group 1.

If you are a user with a client, the controller of your data is the company that provided you the account.

Group 2 personal data controller

If you have created personal account (not linked with any client), this group does not concern you.

If you are a user with an account from a client, the controller of the personal data that you store in AyMINE is the client that provided you with the account.

Group 3 personal data

If you are a user without a client, you have full responsibility to ensure that the data you enter complies with the legislation. Your rights and obligations are determined by the terms and conditions.

If you are a user with a client, your client that provided you with the account determines the terms and conditions that you may store. The processing of the data that you insert into the system is governed by its terms and conditions and is the controller thereof,

Common provisions for all personal data

Personal data processed

The data is stored to the extent necessary for the provision of the service:

Data security

The application provider takes all measures to protect the application and stored data from unauthorised access, identity and privacy breaches:

Rules for the 1st personal data group

Data Range

The application stores data to the extent of:

Data in cookies: Only technical information can be stored in cookies to the extent necessary for the application to run (colour theme and language mutation of the application). This information is stored in cookies on your device and used only by device. Data are stored even after you have finished your work with the application. Elsewhere, it is not stored and is not subject to any processing.

Data stored on your device: If you mark the device as trustworthy, your account information is stored on the device to facilitate your login. Copies of the data processed by you may be stored to increase the comfort of your work. This information is not in any way associated with you beyond the scope of the application's services. Your device stores information about the application settings – order of columns in the object list, visible columns and similar pages.

Scope of data processed by the mobile application

The mobile application stores data necessary for your identification in the application. The application stores information about the device you are using to improve the security of the application.

The mobile application does not access any data in the system other than what you allow. If you use the application's photo or document storage services, you must grant the application permission to access the camera or files.

Legal title and reason for processing

Personal data to the extent necessary is processed on the basis of a contract with you or your company.

If you do not have an individual contract, this contract is the terms and conditions of the AyMINE service listed at Consent to them is a condition for using the application.

Processor access to personal data

The processor has access to personal data in AyMINE to the extent specified below. This is exclusively personal data relating to administration.
The processor's staff does not have access to the data that you and your company insert into AyMINE.

User Account Administrator

The processor's user accounts administrator has access to:

Providing information and your rights

Right to information: You can see all the data that the provider records about you on the AyMINE user settings page.

You still have the right to request an overview of the information being processed through a contact with the administrators of the application. Use the message button in the user settings for this.

Right to delete or forget Due to the legal reason for the processing, the right to forget is a refusal of the contractual terms of service and means the cancellation of the provision of the service. (The retained data is the minimum extent necessary for the provision of the service.)

Right to rectify You can directly edit all the personal data that we have about you in the User Settings. In the event that you lose access to the application and are unable to take remedial action through an email account, Please ask your organisation's administrator, who can verify your identity, to correct your access.

The AyMINE Provider can only resolve the rectification of access data for persons whose identity it can verify and prove their affiliation to the user account. If this is not possible, the user account cannot be rectified. The account will be deleted in accordance with the Terms of Service (after 6 months when the user has not logged in to the application).

Rules for Group 2

Responsibility for any personal data you store and process at AyMINE is the responsibility of your organisation or you as administrator.

The AyMINE Provider assumes no responsibility for the legitimacy of your handling of personal data that is in the system. It is not responsible for the consequences that may arise for data subjects or anyone else in connection with the loss of confidentiality, damage or loss of data, regardless of how the loss of confidentiality, damage or loss occurred.

Personal Data Processor

The processing of the personal data that you store and process in the application is the company that provides the application to you.

The system provider is not a processor of the personal data that your organization processes in the system.

The provider provides the technical storage and processing environment for:

Providing information to entities

The system administrator has control over the system but does not have any control over the data. The administrator does not have access to any data processed. The rights of the personal data subjects that you or your company processes in the system must always be exercised by those entities with you. The system provider, as the entity providing the technical functioning of the system, is not the controller or processor of the data that any user enters into the system and is not responsible for it, except for the responsibility for its placement on devices in the European Union ensuring the security of the whole system.

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