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Are you close to businesses and can you talk with your clients about their needs? Do you want to be able to deliver solutions that help them? Deliver AyMINE and you'll get a new product and long-term satisfied customers.

You don't need to understand operations and systems administration. You just need to understand your customers. We can take care of the rest. But you may also have your own cloud servers, or be interested in running your own technology facilities, taking care of the product and being a technology partner. There are many ways to be involved in the provision and operation of the system. It depends on your business and technology capabilities what you want to offer.

How it works

AyMINE is a system running in the cloud by default, but it can also run on the servers of the user's company. It can be provided as a service or by selling licenses. Its operational requirements are low, but a reliable business service requires a reliable technological background and therefore also needs a technological support.

AyMINE is built from the scratch as a multi-client system – within a single installation, clients run completely separate operating environments. The entire system is developed so that all clients' data is reliably separated on a logical level. As part of a system post-sync, you can therefore easily provide the system to multiple clients with a single installation, with minimal increase in the cost of running and starting up a new client.

Responsibility for administration and support

Depending on your business model and capabilities, you can devote your full attention to your customers or you can also dedicate yourself to technology support. Get in touch and we'll be sure to find a business model that matches your interests.

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