Modern process management

With AyMINE you will manage even complex activities easily and all your staff will be happy that process management is helping them.
AyMINE provides a state-of-the-art process management system. A team of people worked together to develop it and focus on how to solve the problems that accompanied the previous generation of systems. But we also monitored the need for modern quality management systems in the latest versions. Even the basic standard ISO 9001:2015 has changed so fundamentally in 20 years that even systems that were built according to the needs of older versions cannot fit the current modern age.

What new with AyMINE

It focuses on teamwork

The basis of the process is a team task that brings together people to work together. Traditional systems are built on tasks for individuals. They tear the process into many small steps and the processes become not only messy but also very inflexible. Quality is then replaced by the need to go exactly step by step, whether the steps make sense or not.

Links the revision to the task itself

Traditional systems tear the revision and the work controls into separate steps. The workers then look at these steps as extra work, leave it to the quality department and do not see the work review as helping to get the best result

AyMINE incorporates the review directly into the process steps. This makes the revision fit for purpose, and makes the processes much easier to audit.

AyMINE brings standards and standards to everyone to work

Traditional quality systems are stored in the internal guidelines. AyMINE supports controlled documentation of the entire quality system, of course, but descriptions of the prescribed controls, activities and outputs are part of the dynamic tasks. Each process managed by AyMINE brings methodological support, so the workers have an accurate description directly in the task. They can also work directly with the description and document whether all the prescribed tasks have been done, or whether it has sometimes been necessary to proceed differently

Support for field work and standard applications

AyMINE and with it all process control is fully available on mobile devices. Process control is easily accessible to everyone on their mobile. It makes it very easy to use.

You can sync tasks from the processes in AyMINE to other Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, directly to your mobile. You will not lose the ability to manage your tasks, or as a leader to supervise your team's tasks.

Same support for projects and everyday agenda

There are many project management tools on the market as well as tools for storing records according to different standards. AyMINE has developed a completely new approach, in addition to fully supporting it both in project management and in everyday processes

Built for standards – automation and work saving

At the birth of the system was a team that has perfect knowledge of quality methodologies such as ISO 9001, ISO 26262, ISO 61508, Automotive SPICE and others. Quality systems require many activities to plan, verify, document and report. AyMINE saves you the vast majority of your work with all of this. Automating the documentation of activities, making meetings, decisions and communication easier. Not only will you be faster with AyMINE, you will also get all the records that standards require. They will be created exactly as the standard-setters intended – automatically, accurately, against the background of your work. This will make auditing the processes and the entire quality system much easier. But most of all, you will meet all the requirements without having to do anything extra.

With AyMINE you have the same quality process control using your own methodologies and regulations, whether you are managing a project or another corporate activity.

Modern management system

The process control in AyMINE is fully supported by the system in Cloud. You don't have to install anything, the system doesn't require any of your infrastructure. You can start taking advantage of it as soon as you decide.

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