Internal processing of the web request

AyMINE allows you to easily automate the processing of requests from your website.

The request form should be a part of a company website. Larger organisations utilise several forms like GDPR request, questionnaires or forms for employees etc.
However, effective forms require automated process that directly starts for the request appropriate internal process. AyMINE has complete support to for web form integration with the internal processing – it supports requests receive over the web service and linkage with tasks, messages, emails or a business event.
AyMINE has completely prepared services and the linkage of the process with a web form does not require any system administration and is fully customisable.

Email, message or task

Setting up the link between the form and AyMINE is very flexible. You can create a message that notifies a specific recipient. If the recipient has a AyMINE mobile app, the message is delivered directly to the mobile phone. Therefore, there is no risk of it getting lost somewhere in the junk mail.
AyMINE can also create a task in response to the message that a selected employee gets to process. At the same time, the task can be in the responsibility of the supervisor, so that even if the employee is sick or on vacation, the query cannot be missed. This way, you can be sure that every online enquiry is immediately known.

Unlimited number of forms

AyMINE can be linked to any number of forms in different locations, and each can be independently linked to a different process. You can, for example:

Easy integration with your website

Messages are delivered to AyMINE via a standard web interface – a web service. Any web developer can create a form in a few minutes and send requests to your AyMINE environment. The develeoper can also use pre-made libraries with function calls and sample forms. If you don't have anyone to make the form, we can prepare the form for you as well.

Integrate web with data from AyMINE

It's easy to extend your site's communication with the data in AyMINE. For example, you can supplement the form with a list box with list of products that you manage in AyMINE. Or you can use internal calendar data to search for free time or anything else.
AyMINE provides data through web services and if you need data that the interface does not provide, the interface generator allows us to create a customized interface for you in a day. The interfaces are completely under your control and your administrator (or our support) has full control over who they grant access to the interface, which they can remove or change at any time.

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