Task and Information Management Module

The module manages not only tasks together, but also all the information that is needed for the job. It supports individual and group tasks, breaking down activities into areas or projects.

Management of meetings

Meeting management support includes all steps – scheduling, automating agenda preparation, conducting meetings, recording attendance, creating and tracking meeting tasks, supporting voting, creating minutes

Decision support

Decision making is supported both in terms of data and process.

Decision making can be documented

Procedurally, the system supports all the decision-making methods used:

Task – a tool for teamwork

Task is understood in AyMINE in a much more general sense than in e.g. MS Outlook (where a task can be synchronized with limitations).
A task can be in the responsibility of one person, but usually there are at least two people – one who is responsible for the task, the other who executes it. Often, however, a whole team of people working together is useful

Roles in a team task

A task allows you to assemble a team and determine who is on the team and why. The following roles are predefined, but custom roles can be added if they are not enough:

Tasks work even without processes

Process automation increases efficiency for routine activities. But for many important activities, automation doesn't make sense and often gets in the way. The module has been designed to support full work without predefined processes; instead, it encourages open collaboration and thinking about activities instead of routine processes.

In activities that are managed ad-hoc, tasks can be used efficiently and thus have perfect order in the work.

Information management

Information can be categorized in the system, new versions can be created and shared with designated people. Information can also include documents – for more information see document management system.

Information can be created in different language versions, including support for automatic translation. Translations are stored together, so it is always possible to check if they are misleading or incomplete.

Information can be published on the Internet in the form of an electronic bulletin board.

Information sources about module

Information about the module can also be found in the module user documentation.

Some techical details can be also found in the technical documentation.

Task management is the basis of the procedural solution. How AyMINE procedural solution is described in a separate chapter here.

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