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We eliminate unnecessary work, streamline necessary work

Efficient internal communication

  • With AyMINE, you have information just when you need it
  • Safely separate internal communication from external communication
  • Without unnecessary emails, you save time writing and reading them

Information Management

  • Information management in AyMINE simplifies collaboration
  • Saves you time
  • Reduce your dependence on specific people

Routine daily tasks efficiently

  • Automation that cares about detail
  • Reminders so you don't have to think about obligations
  • Intelligent management of every piece of information
  • Connection to the web – time saving

Complete project care

Project management integrated with daily agendas

consolidated view of each worker's workload

Project management compliant with PMBOK, ISO26262, ISO21500 and other methodologies

Complex system support for business

AyMINE provides you with a complete integrated solution for all areas.

Mobile and tablet apps

Engage artificial intelligence

Automate orders, email processing, problem finding

Let AI work wherever work is routine

Where companies are inefficient

In many organizations, the same causes of inefficiency and often employee frustration are found. The most common causes are problems that involve repetitive, routine little things where even a small problem will show up.

By studying the behaviour of teams and workers, research has identified the most common reasons why companies are inefficient.

Accuracy in task assignment

Assigning work is unglamorous for many leaders. Others enjoy it, but that doesn't mean they do it effectively. At AyMINE, you'll have a system that leverages years of experience reflected in standards and manager training – combining task assignment automation with a sophisticated system for managing task accountability.

Companies often rely, for example, on tasks in MS Outlook. But their problem is that it is always a task for one employee and control over these tasks is problematic. Even most other workflow management tools allocate tasks in a way that is very often inconvenient, because you can't assign a task to several people – a bunch of people who will take the task and do it.

AyMINE will bring you the most modern way of task management that you can find. It combines integration with methodologies and standards, automation, but also flexibility that workflow systems don't offer you.

Storing information and documentation of all kinds

Good management of operational and archived documentation is the key to an efficient company. Information is far from being just documents – quite the opposite. Most of the time, another form is more effective than documents, but these are used because there is nothing better to be had.

AyMINE is a wide-ranging information system that allows you to store information in a structured way, but at the same time it is a full-fledged DMS. You can easily link structured information, tasks, decision making in other common agenda with documents like contracts, orders, but also requirements issues etc.

AyMINE will also provide you with a file archive function, so you can archive documents in the long term with the confidence that you have full control over access to them.

Statements of work

At first glance, timesheets don't seem like an important object – leaving aside the basic need to comply with the legal obligation to monitor working hours and to control people's work.

Effective timesheets must of course enable you to meet your legal obligations, but they should also serve a purpose. They are an important tool for planning, quality control and evaluating the effectiveness of the company. To do this, they need to be properly structured and supported.

AyMINE pays close attention to reporting. As a result, they can be a valuable asset for company management and at the same time convenient for employees.

Balanced information sharing and protection

Everyone has had the experience of not being able to find the information they needed. Often even information that they themselves had recently stored somewhere.

But information management encompasses much more – the whole issue should start with a vision of what is important. Sharing is only the 3rd step – first there must be something to share.

But information doesn't serve unless it is shared. On the contrary, sharing with everyone is usually not desirable. Often it is even dangerous, illegal or contractually forbidden. That's why you need a powerful tool that lets you control who has access to what.

Automation of obligations

Compliance with many regulations and standards is also an important agenda for any company. Whether you manufacture electronics for cars or build bridges or bake cakes. Every activity today has obligations that need to be met. And that's exactly what AyMINE's compliance support is designed to do.

By the way, we left the automation of the processes required by regulations for last, but it was at the very origin of AyMINE. This is also why the support is integrated with other processes and activities to a consequence.

Proper management of meetings

Meetings are and always will be the foundation of effective team functioning. Everyone has probably sat in a meeting that they found long, unnecessary, unproductive. They may not seem like the most important point at first glance, but ineffective meetings drag a whole host of problems in their wake: wasted time, dysfunctional decision-making, missing information. They are often the essence of all the problems described above.

Making meetings more efficient

Meetings have long been perceived by employees as one of the biggest problems, which is why we've looked at them particularly closely.

But at AyMINE, we have also paid attention to meetings for another reason – they are where decisions are made, tasks are solved, and information is discussed. These are activities that are very important for further work, and a big problem for many teams is missing or untraceable information from meetings.

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