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Events and meetings

The list of events and meetings is a common list of "calendar items", i.e. events with a clearly defined time.

Hints: For a detailed description of the event and meeting, please refer to the help when setting them up. But which one to choose? Each has a very different destination.


An event is meant to be an activity for multiple people, even a multi-day activity. For an event, it is assumed that you may be planning it, and its preparation and execution may involve multiple steps.

An event has its own work table with tasks and activities related to it. These are tasks used to work towards the preparation and execution of the event.


A consultation is a meeting to discuss the tasks distributed, various other information and to make decisions.

A meeting, like an event, has a work table. However, the meeting table has completely different tasks and information on it – these are the tasks that need to be discussed.

What about events?

An event is a record of something that occurred and a record needs to be made of it. An example is to record an activity in a project where it is useful to note exactly when it took place.

You record an event as an action. Unlike an action, which you are likely to create in advance, you will record an event more ex-post. Therefore, don't miss the button to create the event, use the button for the action.